Jul 21, 2022

Special Aspects of Jupiter

Jupiter, also known as Guru is considered to be one of the most benefic planets in astrology. It is the largest planet in the solar system and is nearest in comparison with the Sun in regard to its size. It takes around 12 years to revolve around the Sun, which in other words also means that it remains in each zodiac sign for one year approximately, according to transit or Gochar. It is considered to be a teacher or a ‘Guru’ as the name suggests. Jupiter in any Birth Chart-Horoscope, if placed strong by sign placement and House, and if well aspected, makes the native truthful and honest, and provides him ‘Divine Grace’. Basics Jupiter is also known as ‘Brihaspati’. It rules over the two signs of the zodiac – Sagittarius and Pisces. It achieves Exaltation in the sign of the Moon, which is Cancer and its deep Exaltation point is at five degrees of Cancer. It gets debilitation in the sign of Saturn – Capricorn. Jupiter achieves directional strength in the Lagna or the 1st House. An Archer symbolizes Sagittarius, and therefore those natives who are ruled by an Elevated Jupiter in their charts will hit or achieve their targets more easily than other natives. Similarly, Pisces is a Watery sign and the symbol being Fishes, Jupiter also represents expression or speech. Jupiter is the reason or causes for famous Yogas like ‘Gajakesari Yoga’ or a Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga like ‘Hamsa Yoga’ among many others. It is a Male planet and is of ‘Sattva Guna’. Thus, those with a well-placed Jupiter would be good, honest, religious, God-fearing, and wise advisers having peaceful temperaments. Jupiter denotes the North-East direction. Those who are acquainted with Vaastu, are aware that this is the most auspicious part of the Plot, which is known as ‘Eeshan’ where an image of the Lord one worships, is kept for daily worship. Special Aspects of Jupiter All the planets have been allotted a common ‘drishti’, which is known as aspect. Aspect means to influence another planet, House or zodiac sign. Normally, every planet has been given the 7th House power of aspect, which means that it can aspect the planet seated in the 7th House and sign from its own placement. But Jupiter has been given special powers of the 5th and 9th House aspect apart from the 7th House. Therefore, if Jupiter is well placed, suppose in the 5th House, then it will aspect the 9th House as well as the Lagna or 1st House, making a complete Trikona aspect, plus its aspect to the 11th House of gains. This can be considered as a very fortunate Horoscope indeed from all counts, material as well as spiritual. Nakshatras or Constellations owned by Jupiter The Constellations owned by Jupiter are, Punarvasu, Visakha, and Purva Bhadra. If Jupiter is the Lord of a Benefic House in a Horoscope, and if three or more planets are placed in the constellations owned by Jupiter, it would then create a very good impact on the positivity of the Horoscope and the destiny of the native. Astrological and mythological associations In mythology, Brihaspati is the son of Angirasa (Anga- physical body; rasa – the fluid in the body). There is a continuous secretion and flow of fluid in the body, in sorrow or joy, fear or anger, hope or disappointments. The food intake is the source of fluid (Rasa), and these exercises influence the body and the mind (Chittavriiti), which is why Brihaspati also concerns our food, life, and living. It gives the power to sustain, thus connecting to the liver in the body that sustains life. Brihaspati is also addressed as Bachaspati or master of speech, or Lord of language, eloquence, and wisdom. Here ‘Bach’ represents ‘Bak’ or commonly known as ‘Vak’ or speech, and ‘Pati’ means Master. Like water travels freely in the sign of Pisces owned by Jupiter, Brihaspati represents expressions. It is characterized as ‘Dev Guru’ or the one who gives guidance to the Devtas – Gods. Hence, those with positive influence of Jupiter are also religious in their temperaments. Jupiter signifies Being the Lord of the Natural ‘Bhagyasthana’ in the Kala Purusha Kundli, Jupiter is a significator of good fortune. The 9th House represents long journeys, and so does Jupiter. The 9th House represents ‘Dharma’ and Jupiter represents righteousness or justice. It represents higher consciousness. Jupiter is the karaka for gold, wealth, or finance. In a Horoscope of a female, it is additionally the karaka for the husband. Jupiter is karaka for children. When we make Prashna or Horary charts the above karakas help in determining a positive answer easily if they appear in the ruling planets. Body and Health-related Significations Growth and accumulation is the forte of Jupiter. It rules over different body parts like the liver, tumors, malignancy, organs of hearing, lower abdomen, hips, circulation of blood, blood pressure, arteries, and fat in the body. This is the reason Why those natives having the influence of Jupiter on their Lagnas tend to develop fat or become bulky in their middle ages. The 9th House in the natural Horoscope of Kala Purusha Kundli appears in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. It represents the portion of the legs above the knees. Hence, this part of the legs is covered as a territory of Jupiter along with the lower portion of the feet, which represents the last part of the body downwards, just as Pisces, ruled by Jupiter is the last sign of the zodiac. Elephants in the legs are governed by Jupiter. Jaundice too is ruled by it as Jupiter rules over the liver as mentioned above. Other matters represented by Jupiter Jupiter represents temples, courts, colleges and schools, big palatial buildings, and all places where religious discourses are held. Construction of schools, colleges, universities, charitable institutions, hospitals, sanatoriums, banks, temples, churches, mosques will all come in the domain of Jupiter. Logic is perfectly represented in astrological inferences. The 9th House Sagittarius also signifies higher education. Therefore, Jupiter represents college and education. The 9th House denotes long travel and all matters related to traveling to a distant place. The 9th House represents the father in Hindu Astrology, and the father is also known as the first Guru; hence, one’s Guru’ or ‘Preceptor’ are represented by Jupiter. The 9th House represents religion and the 12th House Pisces represents discourse and philanthropic work. Jupiter is thus connected to discourses or Sermons as well. The 12th House also represents investments on a long-term basis, so one has to connect this logic with Jupiter. The 12th House deals with expenditures, capital investments, the outflow of finances, foreign exchange, the Reserve Bank, Forex, rise in Shares, and Stocks, which are all governed by Jupiter. Since the 12th zodiac sign, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, all aspects of the 12th House, like foreign travels, hospitalizations, the other world, Moksha or Salvation is also ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet and has traits of expansion, therefore whatever it connects to, would be big, vast, or enormous. Since Jupiter is large or expressive – becoming famous, gaining respect in society, promotions, progress are all governed by Jupiter. Professions connected with Jupiter Any profession connected to religion, preaching, priestly professions come under the domain of Jupiter. Since the zone of knowledge is also symbolized by Jupiter, any profession connected to educational institutions too comes under the sphere of Jupiter. Since Jupiter is connected to ‘Dharma’ or righteousness being a ‘Dev Guru’ or teacher, all professions connected to law, courts of law, come under its province. Since Jupiter is karaka of children, all professions connected to child-rearing and nurturing like mother-toddler playschools, etc, come under the realm of Jupiter. So does the Navy, foreign travel-related business, since the 9th House of Travel is ruled by Jupiter as the owner of Sagittarius the 9th zodiac sign. Since Jupiter rules over fat, all professions connected to products that increase fat in the body, like trade-in milk, ghee, sweetmeats, almonds, cashew nuts, and peanuts, etc. Jupiter is Lord of the 12th House and Pisces sign in natural Horoscope, all professions connected to hospitals, prisons, publicity, foreign trade, shipbuilding, offshore drilling, development, etc. come under Jupiter’s domain. To summarize, all professions connected to legal affairs, Brahmins, teaching, scriptures, lawyers, advocates, interest, rent, banking and finance, ministers, administrators, bankers, revenue department, treasury, economics, gold, turmeric, rubber, metals, springs, jewelry, shipping business, and foreign affairs are under Jupiter’s domain. To Conclude There are other technical matters which may transform the effects of Jupiter that may undergo a change due to aspects and conjunctions from other planets. Jupiter in mundane astrology is a subject matter of importance. But these are issues of study, to be dealt with separately. In individual horoscopes, a strong Jupiter is synonymous with a strong promise and assurance of divine interventions and providential help available to a native in times of stress and strife in his life, provided all other planetary positions are congenial. It is also an indicator of your past ‘Purva Poonya’ or results of past good actions now bearing fruit in this birth. Jupiter is considered one of the most benefic planets in astrology. It is the largest planet in the solar system and comes nearest in comparison with the Sun in regard to its size. Ganesha throws light on how Jupiter plays a significant role in matters like body and health, choosing a profession, and religious inclination.

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