About Us

About Us

International Astrology Federation incorporated is an American Multinational IT Company that specializes in Astrological software through research, teaching, lecturing and practice. IAF is registered in Wyoming State, USA.& listed in Infopark,India,Cochin.

The IAF’s Vision:

IAF's main Vision is to Encourage and promote the science and art of Astrology through research, teaching, lecturing, and practice. Advocate freedom of thought and speech concerning astrology and to develop and promote a correct professional status for Astrology and explore Vedic and Western Astrology across the Globe.

The IAF’s Mission:

To Conduct Systematic Research of Ancient Knowledge & develop related modern Astrological Services & International Conferences that are Globally accessible. “International Astrology Federation” commits itself to:

A total development of the individual through an Astrological Education and recognition system

A well-integrated astrological and spiritual Education program for the astrologers and spiritual believers through instruction, research, and community service.

A whole-hearted attempt to empower every astrology student to contribute to humanitarian causes and eventually as a good human being and best astrology scholar.

Promoting Astrological Cooperation

The IAF’s International Astrological Conferences and various Seminars, Mastery classes provide unique collaborative platforms for experts from Astrological institutions, industry, and research.

Advancing International Astrological Development

The IAF is building a future of cooperation, development, and international Astrological relationship, bringing together experts from experienced and emerging Astrological nations alike.

Sharing Astrological Knowledge

The Federation has many well-established channels to disseminate information within its global network and the wider space community.

Astrological Recognizing Achievements

The Federation’s prestigious awards (Astrological Lifetime Achievement Award-ALA, Indo-American Lifetime Achievement Certification-IALAC) are presented annually to individuals and groups who have distinguished themselves in the global astrological community.

Preparing the Astrological Workforce of Tomorrow

To nurture new talent, the Federation has many activities targeting astrology students and young professionals.

Raising Astrological Awareness

The global network of the IAF, and IAF World Astro Biography -WAF, help promote the public appreciation of astrological activities worldwide.

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IAF - International Astrology Federation Inc 30 N Gould St. Ste R Sheridan, Wyoming, pin-82801 - USA
30A,infopark Technology Business center, JNI Stadium,Kaloor,Cochin,Kerala-682017
+91 8129254598,+91 9947632000

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