Dr. Gajender Kumar
Experience - 40 Years
Language - Hindi English

Skills - Vedic Astrology Numerology Vastu Shastra Palmistry Medical Astrology

Expertise - Health

Moblie Number - Locked

About me

Dr.Gajender Kumar American Honorary Doctorate in Medical Astrology I have been passionate about the field of astrology from a very young age, and have doing sadhana for over 40 years now. I have always worked under the guidance of my guruji who taught me most of the things that I know today. Initially, I studied ecology and environmental science and have worked in the ministry of HRD Government of India, soon into that job I realized my real motive in life was to serve people, and left the job and started doing consultations full time. While I was moving ahead with the consultations I felt the importance of linking astrology with medical sciences and for the same, I pursued Doctorate in Naturopathy and started studying medical astrology. Medical astrology at that time was not a really relevant study and hence most of my knowledge is practice-based. I started combining both and suggesting the remedies and saw miracles, which motivated me to continue working on that. It’s been over two decades since I have been working in the medical astrology field and have over 90% prediction accuracy. My astrology skills are mostly Vedic and I have done various courses to keep myself updated. I also have courses available for Vedic astrology, medical astrology, palmistry, Numerology, Vaastu sastra, and meditation sciences. I also advise meditation based on the client’s planetary position, such as moon meditation, water meditation, etc. After I finished my Doctorate in Naturopathy from Gorakhpur School of Natural Therapeutics, I have also given consultations and motivated people to go towards natural sciences and therapies. I am well versed in mud therapy, color therapy, magnet therapy, and needle therapy. Along with these consultations I provide a diet chart based on the planetary position of the patient. I have visited Singapore and Dubai for consultations on clients’ demands, and I am flexible to travel in case of need. I have also been part of various webinars and seminars on astrology. I am acknowledged with the position of “Jyotish Ratan”, a Spiritual, Holistic, and wellness Visionary award in 2019, an International Iconic Award in 2018, and a Spiritual Visionary award in 2017.

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