International Chief Consultant
Experience - 14 Years
Language - Hindi English Gujarati

Skills - Vedic Astrology Vastu Energy Healing

Expertise - Education Career Business

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About me


It is my responsibility to provide moral support, confidence, and courage to stand against tough times, not through fear, doubt, unnecessary rituals, Stones or gems, or yantras. I am supposed to be a guide, like a friend and a companion, not a fear-enforcing Guru or Overpowering authority. I Strongly believe that Birth chart is a mirror of an individual, which reflects the occurrences of life and future of an individual. The Good or bad karma and their results of an individual are based on the birth chart. One often holds himself responsible for his right and wrong doings, but in fact, the planets & their rotation in his birth chart are, in fact, responsible for that. One's karma keeps changing in time. But the change in those times is solely due to their birth chart, the planets and their rotations. Herbs and medicines of Ayurveda is produced in accordance with Astrological knowledge itself. The roots of Ayurveda, science reside in Astrology. In all the four Vedas, Sages have shared their valuable knowledge on Astrology, their influence on the occurrences


Achieves more than 100 Awards and Certificates in the field of Astrology, Vastu and Energy Management from all over the world. Receives awards with the hand of legends Like Chief Minsters, Renowned Spiritual Leaders, Political Personalities, Renowned Bollywood Actor-Actresses and Media Houses



For the last 14 years, I am providing moral support, confidence, and courage to stand against tough times to the person after reading the birth chart, with the help of Real Vedic Astrology which mentions in our Four Vedas.


·         I have done my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Astrology


·         Vedic Astrology

·         Vastu Consultant

·         Energy Management

“A wise astrologer knows that a person is never bad, only their time is bad. The Religion and Responsibility of an astrologer are to teach someone to be peaceful and kind in any difficult situation.

- Dr. Aashish Shah”

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