Dr. Kinjal Bhatt
Experience - 20 Years
Language - Hindi English

Skills - Tarot Card Reader Reiki Healing Vastu Shastra Psychic Healer

Expertise - Love Relationship Marriage Education Career Business Wealth Health

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About me

Dr. Kinjal Bhatt - Astrologer, Psychic Healer, Tarot Reader Introduction: As we all say we should believe in the power of our intuitions, our sixth sense, but not everyone understands or is enlightened by it. Very few rare people own and earn it with the vision they are blessed with it. Of which we have Dr. Kinjal Bhatt, who has intuitive & psychic power to understand Auras, energies of the other people. Journey in the world of Divinity: Talking about her, she entered into the world of divinity when she was 10 years old, where her Guru helped her enlighten and awaken the soul. She continued her journey and started reading Astrology related contents & books. Learnings: In the year 2002, she first took up the professional course in Astrology which consisted of Jyotish Pushpa, Padma, Visharad, Martand. By 2005 she was ready to experiment her Astrological skills in the real world. She started practicing with her Guru Mr. Nautam Lakhani where she initiated her learnings and gained interest in Reiki Healing. Reiki Healing helped her relieve the Knee pain she was facing for quite a longtime. With this belief she felt to learn more and did advanced courses in Reiki Healing. Her expertise in Vastu, Astrology, and Reiki Healing didn't satisfy her thirst, so she opted for more opportunities to learn into the divine energy. She started her Spiritual Journey with Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, who is Father of Indian Cosmic Healing. Her recent learning included herself being certified as a MahaVastu Expert by Khushdeep Bansal which is one of the top renowned degrees in VastuShastra. Certifications: She is also an Internationally Certified and recognized Reiki Master by USUI Japanese System/ USUI Reiki RYOHO from Dr. Antonia Moraga from Spain. Moreover her interest to serve and help the society started when she practiced her learnings in her day-to-day life. Her work was appreciated and people started seeing the cure by the remedies she offered to their customers. In 2010, she mastered Fengshui & Advanced Tarot Reading Workshop which was held in Singapore by Master Lillian Too & Runna Segal. Her Tarot Readings provided to her customers turned out positive and apt which gave a lot of recognition in the market. Her Learnings did not stop, she always used to keep her engaged in doing advance courses in her field which included Inner Engineering course from Sadhguru at Isha Foundation, M.D (M.D) Indian board of Alternative Medicines -KOLKATA, Cure is Possible - 2nd Global Integrative Health Care conference - special Training program for doctors & medical profession by Shivyog Foundations, Graphology & Signature Analysis, Yoga & Naturopathy and so on so forth. Awards & Recognitions: Talking about her achievements in the History of her career as an Astrologer Dr. Kinjal Bhatt has been Indo American Vastu Shastra Award and the Reiki & Tarot Global Achievement Award, World Book of Records - UK, Radiance iconic award for Integrative Cosmic Medicine Practitioner. She has been awarded as a Reiki Master from Rashtriya Ratna Award which is highly recognized in the Indian Astrology Society. She was awarded the Indian Glory Award for Spiritual Healing in India. Career as a Women Entrepreneur: Dr. Kinjal Bhatt is an Entrepreneur too, where she runs a Divine Remedy Research Centre which was established in the year 2008. Her center provides facilities like Tarot Reading, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Astrology, Reiki Healing, Dowsing, Spiritual Healing, Chakra Activation, Aura Cleaning, Runes Reading, Vastu Shastra, Music therapy, Yoga & Naturopathy etc. She belongs to a small village called Kalol in Gujarat - India. She is an amazing example of a Women Entrepreneur in her Society where she is running a center with multiple services helping mankind. She manages everything whole and sole and makes sure her clients are fully satisfied with the answers in their mind. Conclusions: Today she is doing wonders in her field where her clients are based across the world. Dr. Kinjal Bhatt comes with experience of close to 2 Decades and has been serving society with her knowledge and skills which have been developed by the time. Her presence, her way of speaking to the clients, connecting with them on the emotional front and making sure they are comfortable enough is very rare to find in this world. World needs people like Dr. Kinjal Bhatt created a difference and we think she is one of the best Astrologers of the century.

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