Peggy Willmott Baker
International Chief Consultant
Experience - 30 Years
Language - English

Skills - Western Astrology

Expertise - Love Relationship Marriage Education Career Business Wealth Health

Moblie Number - Locked

About me

Peggy Willmott Baker was a businesswoman who turned her passion towards astrology. Her enthusiasm towards astrology began when she was in her grade school, and it continued throughout her whole life. Though she didn't do professional astrology for money, she tried to help people when they are in need. She was an student of astrology from 1972 to 1977 by reading every books she could afford, starting with A to Z Horoscope Makers and Delineators, Message of the Stars, Sun Signs and many other books of astrology. On weekends, she would take a seat at her kitchen table in her robe all day drinking coffee and learning how to cast a natal chart by hand, with progressions and transits. A very time consuming and laborious chore which with the help of computers has made the calculating of charts easy, although she does miss the hand writing of the chart as it is more fulfilling to her and helps with the psychic ability. When she had learned all she could by herself by reading, and calculating with time zones, longitudes and latitudes, Ephemeris and books of tables. She went to the phone book and offered every astrologer that she could find her bookkeeping skills in exchange for one-on-one training. None of the astrologers she contacted made enough money in astrology to need a bookkeeper, so she went on working and studying by herself for three months until the day she got a phone call from Nicki Michaels, an astrologer in San Francisco who owned a bookstore and did readings. Nicki required help with her accounting books for tax purposes and told Peggy that she would be able to get one on one training with her and in addition to that Nicki Michaels also offered Peggy to attend her classes in exchange. They worked together for over a year and Nicki taught her a great deal. Nicki is still an astrologer and a life coach in San Francisco and through her, Peggy was privileged to meet Layla and Dane Rudyar, the father of modem astrology and author of many books including but not limited to the Sabian Symbols, at a private dinner party. It was a real honor to her.

Peggy started doing charts for herself, for her family and friends gratuitously for years. In January 1981, She purchased an astrological computer for performing the math work and printing out the charts and afterwards she would put them in a circle, do the progressions and the transit as it was very primitive computer at that time. Then she vacated to Port Aransas Texas in 1993, opened a bookstore and metaphysical shop named Athena’s Temple but was advised not to use the word temple in Texas, where she did both astrology readings and Tarot readings, sold self-help books, tarot, and astrology readings as well as handmade jewelry. Due to Texas being in the Bible belt she was not able to do well as she would've done in San Francisco California, where she had moved from. Everything was too expensive to open and set up a store for her in San Francisco. Agonizingly, her shop was closed out after two years. She also carried out resort sales and even waitress work along with doing some private astrological readings to get by.

In 2003, She became a realtor and no longer had time to pursue professional astrology. She has an extensive astrological library with the works of Noel Tyle, Robert Hand, Stephen Forrest and many others, too numerous to mention. She still relies on her precious books and not just report writers from a computer program, although they are good for a quick reading. Currently, she is learning Horary astrology and hopes to eventually learn and master Mundane Astrology. She has never tired of astrology as it is always changing and adding asteroids and the North and South Nodes, which she found to be the most karmic placements in the chart. One can learn a great deal about someone just by referring the Nodes of the Moon. Black Moon Lilith is also very interesting placement in one's chart.

Knowing when one should be ready to charge money for the astrological services and call themselves a professional astrologer, has to come from within. For her, it personally came in a dream of almighty, handing her a key for shelter in the dream and then another key. It was that fine day when she realized that she was allowed to call herself a professional astrologer and charge for her services.

Her vision to provoke virtuous solutions via astrology and support the people to enhance their quality, aspect and efficacious life. Her deep analysis and evaluation of horoscope assisted the people to drive their desire and goals. The fundamentals of astrology can provide further enlightenment in our life if we utilize it in a decorous manner.

Peggy was told by her mentor, Nicki Michaels, that she was one of the few psychic astrologers she had ever met.

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