Dee Wynne
International Chief Consultant
Experience - 35 Years
Language - English

Skills - Western Astrology

Expertise - Love Relationship Marriage Education Career Business Wealth Health

Moblie Number - Locked

About me

I have been a professional astrologer for over thirty-five years. My first job after graduation was working for a real estate company who developed and built shopping centers. For twelve years I reported directly to the Chairman of the Board which gave me access to the corporate world in many different areas from finance to labor management issues, site selection, negotiating leases and much more. This experience laid the groundwork for my future astrological consulting. .Designers for some of the top fashion brands, luxury department stores, banking, and even high tech people benefitted from my forecasts. I understood how the corporate mentality worked and what their needs were and how they could benefit from astrology. During those years I studied astrology in my spare time doing charts for everyone I met.

There is an ancient saying “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. One day out of the blue while transiting Uranus was approaching a conjunction aspect to my natal Sun my best friend introduced me to a man who was involved with The Church of Light in Los Angeles the organization that published the 22 Brotherhood of Light Lessons that were written by C.C. Zain. The Church of Light - Brotherhood of Light is a teaching organization, they are considered a “Mystery School” because the lessons are masterpieces of the occult covering three branches of the esoteric arts and sciences, Astrology, Alchemy and Magic. The courses are the equivalent of 120 credits colleges and universities in the United States require for a degree. The B of L are considered the Harvard of Astrology because the depth of the lessons is astonishing and much of the information in the lessons was never published anywhere else. Many of the world’s greatest astrologers are alumni of this elite school.

The history of the Brotherhood is fascinating. According to their tradition in the year 2,440 BC a group separated from the Theocracy of Egypt and through subsequent times, as a secret order — the name of which translated into English means “The Brotherhood of Light”, has been perpetuated and has exerted a beneficial influence upon Western Civilization.

During the years I studied with the Brotherhood I met some of the older alumni, the best astrologers alive. Three of them became mentors who gave me valuable and precious knowledge some of it not available in any book. Some of the subjects required were The Laws of Occultism, Astrological Signatures, Delineating the Horoscope,, Evolution of Life, Evolution of Religion, Spiritual Astrology (depth astrology of the 36 constellations) Ancient Masonry, Occultism Applied to Daily Life, Stellar Healing, Organic Alchemy, Personal Alchemy, Cosmic Alchemy, Divination and Character Reading, Progressing the Horoscope, Weather Predicting, Imponderable Forces, SACRED TAROT, The Next Life, and several other esoteric subjects. The most difficult for me was Course X, which was the mathematics part — how to calculate the positions of the planets and cast a complete horoscope by hand .Today most astrologers know nothing about the mechanics of astrology because they use only computer generated charts. The math of astrology is really the magic of this science. Astrology is geometry. It truly is a science, interpret ting it is the art. I say it is the Mother Science.

Living in New York City, very close to the United Nations and the Empire State Building I was ideally located to meet and work for some very interesting people from all walks of life... One of the benefits of living and working in a big city like New York is the opportunity to meet so many people- everyone with a different and most of the time very challenging story.

Astrology is a helping profession and that was one of the most gratifying parts of this job is the assistance I gave people and the joy of watching my clients prosper, grow and be their best self. . Astrology when done properly is a tremendous tool to answer questions about health, wealth, family, career and relationships, friends and more. I specialize in pediatric astrology and career and relationship guidance and progressions of the natal chart. Most people come for a reading when they have decisions to make. Maybe it’s relocating to another city, changing jobs or whether the person they just met is “the one”. My male clients are the most adventurous. More than one of them would call me from the restaurant when he was on a date and give me their date’s birth information. I would quickly run off a compatibility chart and give them a quick synopsis. Men loved this because they did not want to waste their time and efforts if the person was not compatible with them. Well so far over the years I have the honor to have a 100% success rate — all the relationships the astrology charts showed were compatible turned out very well. Most of my clients have been with me for a very long time. Many of my clients today are third generation.

Using the knowledge from the Stellar Healing course I have become a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner. I use the clients chart as a guide to which remedies are best suited for their particular situation. My approach to mind and body balance starts with the natal birth chart and combines the vibrational medicine and homeopathic remedies. This technique works for humans and animals. Over the years I have made house calls for all kinds of birds, horses, cats and dogs. The birds were probably the most fascinating creatures of all. Using astrology, my perceptions, and intuition I have helped clients get into rehab and eliminate unwanted habits, have diagnosed many diseases, including problems like autism, stuttering, obsessive compulsive disorders, narcissism, geniuses, steered them in the right direction with career guidance.

There is an aspect in the chart when two planets are 150 and 30 degrees apart that I call the see-saw aspect. The two planets involved go up and down and create contradictory issues that need clarifying. It means that the two energies of the planets are very out of balance either through excessiveness or inhibition that’s why I call it the see-saw aspect. This aspect is called the in conjunct. This is a fascinating aspect which I can go deeper into in a future article.

Through the use of the Tarot Cards I can answer questions and give great detail to compliment the chart readings and give information not apparent in a chart. The Tarot Card readings were the favorites of most if not all of the creative types, the fashion designers and people in the entertainment business. I use the Brotherhood of Light system of numerology and their system of talismanic properties of the various planets and signs to choose their best colors, numbers and stones. The correct color of a name and the significance of the vibratory rate of a name is very important. A person with harmonious Jupiter should wear jade to attract good fortune. It will stimulate the house in their chart of which Jupiter rules and occupies. A person with discordant Saturn should never wear onyx, it will attract bad luck in the department of life (the house) ruled by Capricorn and Saturn.

Astrology as a profession is exciting, challenging and very worthwhile. Through the organizations I belong to and have taught and lectured for I have met and bonded with the most wonderful people who have become a very important part of my life. Joining the International Astrology Federation is the latest addition to my cosmic family. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this forum. I am looking forward to a long and happy relationship with all of you.

Member of: American Federation of Astrologers since 1984

Director —AAP - Association of Astrologers and Psychologists since 1986

Member and former Legal Chair of AFAN — Association for Astrological Networking

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